- that's me:anak,ibu,isteri,pelajar,guru,academician-

- that's me:anak,ibu,isteri,pelajar,guru,academician-

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nigerian Penipu..

gini ceritanya,hari tu ada lah aku publish satu adv psl baju office wear kt mudah.my.nak dijadikan cerita ader satu minah UK,konon berminat psl baju tu,nak hantar kt member dia kt Nigeria..aku rasa pelik,tp bila dia beria2 e-mail aku,aku pun okeyla...
kat bwh ni ada sedutan e-mail,walau english aku berterabur,tp layanla juga..huhu


thanks for the mail i you can give me any bank details my bank here ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND can transfer money international and is a friend of mine that told me about mudah.my


hi..sorry take so long to reply...by tha way,i never posted any items out of Malaysia..if you really serious to buy this,i will try...Can i know which bank u want to transfer? and where did you see this advertisement? tq


Hello Seller,
but i will not be sending the item to me here in Uk am sending it to my Boss Child at west africa i will like you to send me the total cost of the item with the shipment cost via ems post. i will be making your payment via Bank to Bank Transfer.

still in good condition..i used it only once,condition 9.5/10...where do u live?


Hello Seller,
is your item still available for sale and still
in good condition.
Mrs Janet(UK)

then,aku hampir nk send brg..coz aku nk clear brg used item..aku dpt kol dr pos office KL,bgtau ada scam dr Nigeria...diorg ni konon2 guna bank utk pending tansfer,suh aku scan recepit post,aku yg hampir ditipu pegila scan receipt post tu..

(Yang ni email dr bank,rasanya dr geng diorg gak)
Dear Valued Customer:Wan Nurnabila Wan Muhamad Sabri
        Thanks for contacting us we have received your shipment scan receipt and it has been transferred to the investigation unit once they get back to us that the

shipment is valid we proceed with the remittance of your money into your account as soon as they send us a validation of the shipment. And more so we want to

inform you that your money is still with us and secure.

Smith Ben,

Transfer Department.
2001-2010  Royal Bank of Scotland,16 London Road Forest Hill, LONDON, SE23 3JA

pergh,siap bg kad kuasa lagi.konon nk bg aku percaya.
alkisahnya..Royal bank of scotland ni mcm2la cekadaknya..nak msk dlm investigation unit br kena transfer,amik ms 24 hours,pahtu bgtau kt cna tgh weekend,xleh process...so,kena hantar barang dulu,sedangkan payment masih lg 'pending'...aku pun hampir percaya,g la hantar barang..nasib baik ada pekerja pos ofis telefon tanya pengesahan hantaran..bgtau byk kes hampir sama dgn aku,barang hantar semasa payment masih 'pending'...semoga ALLAH membalas jasa baikmu..so aku suh post office tu return balik brg aku...then aku reply balik kt minah 'hitam ' tu:

Dear Janet:
i'm so sorry that i'm cannot proceed with the shipment.I got a call from Royal Malaysian Customs Department that there is a scam in Nigeria.So ,i need to change the payment method by using PayPal.I will proceed with the shipment after i get a statement from paypal about the payment.If you agree,pls let me know.Sorry for inconvenient...TQ

ingatkan tak reply..haha...

Why you can not proceed with
The shipment you lie to the bank
Before because they told me that
You have scan them receipt before
Are you lying or what how can I trust you
Nigeria is not scam my boss child
Studies there no scam you must lie stop
I have paid to my bank
They have remove there bank charges

Now I must report to the police here
Or send the bank charges to me back

memang kau penipu,tapi ko tak dapat tipu aku...pahtu tuduh aku penipu lak..sapa yg sebenarnya tipu sapa..aku bc org yg prnh kena tipu,diorg ni suh post dulu brg ke Nigeria,konon nk bg kat adik tirila,bapak tiri,makcik angkatla...bank dr USla,UKla..then guna duit sendiri post brg,smpi kt NIGERIA,konon tak dpt transfer duit,brg sangkut kt KaStam cna,sedangkan dh dpt dh item..skali aku ugut dgn Paypal..coz using paypal ni leh detect system kalau salah seorg wat problem...

haha...skali dia hantar e-mail sedih plak..


I still waiting from HQ Royal Bank of Scotland. i've forward your bank statement
to them to verify it. No charge will remove from your acc until the transaction
have been made. Item only will  be shipped until the payment is clear. TQ

But why do you lie that the
Shipment is done.why you lied


i never lied.the shipment have been made,but i got a called from my friend in Customs Department said that i have to be careful with the internet bussiness as long as i did'nt get my payment,i have to check the status from the Bank and the courier need to pending the shipment first.Now i have contacted the Royal Bank of Scotland. and i got many e-mails about the spam. If you really want this item,please pay first. I never lied to my customer before. And the procedure is same,pay first,then i will deliver the item.if you not trust me,you can use Paypal to proceed.Because,once you really pay,if i'm not shippg the item,they can detect me.TQ

memang penipu...so hati2lah...ini mmg jadi pengajaran utk aku.... then aku send e-mail kt Royal Bank of Scotland ( yg betul pyer),ty psl benda ni...pihak bank reply...BINGO

leh compare e-mail Royal Bank of Scotland yg betul dan yg tipu..This is original email from RBS
RE: RBS.co.uk Website: Other Enquiry
 Retail WEB Enquiries
View Contact

Dear Mrs Sabri,

Thank you for your message received via the feedback section of the

rbs.co.uk website.

The scenario described is consistent with
advance fee fraud and it
appears that you are the intended victim. Advance fee fraud is a well
known scam that originated in West Africa and in its simplest form the
fraudster will offer to facilitate the receipt of a sum of money or
loan, providing a fee is paid in advance to cover certain expenses and
fees. Documentation with false letterheads are always presented as an
attempt to authenticate the transaction. I have attached a link to the
Metropolitan police website that explains this type of fraud in more
detail - http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert/419.htm

We recommend that you cease all communication with the individuals
concerned, report the matter to your local Police and urge you not to
send any money if requested to do so.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to
our attention.

Yours sincerely

D Smith
Royal Bank of Scotland


Ingatkan settle dah,sekali dia hantar email nak hantar ilmu hitam..giler apa ke org..marah giler coz aku sebarkan email dia suh hati2 kat blog2 yg lain...